6 Digital Marketing Tips to Help Improve Customer Engagement

Customer engagement on a digital level is growing amongst both small and larger businesses. Consumers are taking to social media to express their feelings about various products, services, and brands, and are looking to social media for reviews before deciding where to take their business or which products to purchase.  When you are planning your next email or social media campaign, consider these 6 steps to really help your customer engagement:

Send welcome emails as soon as someone signs up for your newsletter. By giving the readers useful information and a personalized feel, they are more likely to click through to your website and engage with you. Also let them know that you would like to hear from them.

Thank them for their loyalty or for their recent purchase with you. A simple email addressed directly to them will make them feel appreciated, thus creating a positive image for your brand and encouraging your customer to further engage with your future content.

Optimize for mobile, allowing your emails to show properly on any screen your customers read them on, be it mobile or desktop. This shows that you appreciate their email habits and makes your communications as user-friendly as possible.

Convey value is subject lines to avoid your email getting lost in the many that your consumers may receive each day. Make sure you use persuasive subject lines that make the connection to what you are offering. People are more likely to read your email when they perceive value.

Pay attention to posting times and make sure they are aligned with your audiences’ platform activity. Use your platform-specific analytics and social listening tools to help you work out when will be the best time to post on the various social media platforms so that your customers are online and can engage.

Strive to evoke a reaction or pique viewers’ curiosity by making a few simple changes. Pose questions and ask for feedback so that your customers feel like they are involved and their opinions matter. Play with creative elements like emojis and GIFS to make your social media posts more appealing and encourage engagement.

Customer engagement is all about showing your customers that you care about their time, their interests and that you value them. Create a brand voice that draws them in and then continue to make them feel special, creating lifelong loyalty. Just as you would warmly welcome a visitor into your home, the same applies for consumers and your business. If they are made to feel welcome, they will return.

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Digital Republic Team

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