ACDC Express – Now a Member of FASA

ACDC Express – Now a Member of FASA

FASA is proud to welcome ACDC Express as a member of the Franchise Association. With this membership ACDC Express hopes to continue its excellent growth and to show any potential franchisees that it is serious about providing them with the best possible option for owning their own successful business.

ACDC Express is an electrical retail franchise, specialising in everything electrical and was the first company to use this approach in the South African electrical market. This unique franchise model was established in 2007, with the core focus being to provide customers with quality electrical solutions. The brand has grown in leaps and bounds and now boasts a total of 29 stores across South Africa.

One of the keys to the success of this brand is its offer of a full turn-key solution and a unique concept store that provides customers with a convenient and versatile shopping experience, allowing customers to browse at leisure in an electrical ‘supermarket’ – a completely novel concept that gets a fantastic response from the South African market.

ACDC Express - Store view

The convenience provided by ACDC Express stores is due, in a large part to the staggering range of products available to customers who shop there. With over 65 000 line items, across categories such as lighting, wire, sockets, switches, pumps, tools, cable accessories and tools, they really do offer a true ‘one stop shop’ solution for any electrical requirements.

Another foundational pillar for the brand is its uncompromising focus on customer service. After all, the only reason their stores offer such a huge range of products, is in order to make life easier for their customers. This can be seen in the superior customer service provided by each store paying very close attention to the needs of their customers, not only at the point of sale, but in any after sale requirements as well.

Working hand in hand with the Infinity Brands Franchise Management group, who provide marketing, accounts, HR and operational support, ACDC Express is constantly striving to maximise the groups’ business efficiency and get the best possible results for all of its franchisees.

ACDC Express looks forward to a long and mutually beneficial association with FASA. To quote the Chairman of the Board, ‘the best is yet to come.”

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