Africa’s Youth Are The Future Of The Continent

Africa’s Youth Are The Future Of The Continent

Africa has the largest ‘youth bulge’ in the world and the future of Africa lies with these young, dynamic and determined youth. That’s according to a trend report in Biz-Community ( from Nicola Cooper, senior trend analyst and cultural strategist at Nicola Cooper & Associates (NC&A).

With the ‘Black Middle Class’ growing at a rate of 60% in the past decade, according to the African Development Bank, and with the oldest of Generation Z now out of high school, entering either university or the job market, a new generation of ever-connected consumers are shaping Africa’s future.

Proud of being African, these young people want to assert their right to be respected on a global scale; they value their cultures as a point of differentiation, and no longer are slaves to Americanization or Eurocentricity.

Africa is coming into its own and companies, products and brands must recognise that Africa has its own unique fingerprint. The ‘copy and paste’ approach of the past is no longer fitting to the empowered and informed African consumer. When it comes to catering to emerging markets and developing regions, it makes sense to consider what the enabled, modern African consumer needs, what they want and what they can afford and are willing to pay compared to other countries.


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