Attend a Franchise Seminar to be Your Own Boss

In a sluggish economy, there is light shining at the end of one tunnel – that’s the success of franchising which, despite the odds, has held its own year-on-year in every respect – from showing long-term sustainability to showing a high level of optimism for the future.


But the proof of the viability and appeal of franchising lies in what the 40 000 franchisees who own their own businesses think of their choice of franchising as the way to being their own boss.  Research shows that franchisees:-

  • Enjoy a business success rate of 90%
  • Are 80% happy with their franchisors
  • 73% happy with their suppliers
  • 72% happy with their landlords, and above all….
  • 72% are optimistic about the future of their businesses.

What better endorsement can one have to take that step to being your own boss then the success of franchisees that make up the backbone of the sector. Add to that the universal fact that franchise businesses have a high success rate of 90% and only a 10% failure rate compared to independent businesses where the failure rate is as high as 90%.

The Franchise Association of South Africa, which represents franchising in South Africa has embarked on a national road show to provide education to anyone who is interested in being their own boss as well as provide information on funding and how to decide which franchise is the right one to choose.

If you have always wanted to be in business for yourself and see yourself owning one of the many franchises that enjoy huge success – be they in food, in education, in beauty & health or in retail, sign up for the franchise seminar and you could end up being the proud owner of a franchise.

The lunch time seminar will give you all the background you need to know on franchising, with presentations on:-

  • Understanding exactly what franchising is all about – giving you an overview on why it is one of the most successful business formats.
  • Franchise specialists Franchize Directions will take you through how to evaluate a franchise to make sure you get the perfect fit.
  • Absa Franchising will take you through the steps to securing favourable financing for your franchise.


DATE:             Thursday 9th March 2107

VENUE:          108 Nelson Mandela Drive


TIME:              11h30 to 14h00



Each delegate will receive a copy of the 2017 FASA Franchise Manual valued at R300 free of charge as well as a complimentary ticket (valued at R100) to attend FASA’s annual Franchise Business Festival taking place from the 30th June – 2nd July 2017 at the

Kyalami Grand Prix Track – Exhibitions & Conferences in Johannesburg.

To book your place contact FASA on 011 615 0359 or email or visit

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