Why it’s Important to get FASA Accreditation

Why it’s Important to get FASA Accreditation

It is estimated that there are over 750 business systems in South Africa claiming to be franchises. A large number are not accredited members of FASA.  The requirements of becoming an accredited member of FASA are stringent – this no doubt scares off the less scrupulous operators and those who do not have correct structures and support systems required of a top-class franchise system.

But for those who choose to join the Franchise Association family, the advantages are many – not least the fact that the viability of your business model has been scrutinized and approved by your peers to stand amongst the very best the franchise sector has to offer.  As a group of accredited franchisors, you lead the way in ethical franchising, full prepared to be totally transparent in all your business dealings, and in so doing, have the respect of stakeholders such as the commercial banks and the legal fraternity.

From a business and operational platform, some of the benefits of accreditation include:

  • The most important benefit is that accreditation of FASA provides credibility to accredited companies.
  • The member may use the FASA logo and all relevant collateral confirming that the accredited company has undertaken to manage the company according to FASA’s Code of Ethics and that franchisor companies’ documents
  • By complying with FASA’s strict accreditation criteria, you establish yourself as an ethical franchise operator building credibility whilst growing your business.
  • FASA acts as a watchdog on all new and planned regulations and / or legislation and amendments and evaluates its impact on its members in particular and the industry in general.

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