Brain Harmonics – How to train your brain

Brain Harmonics – How to train your brain

As the franchise sector grows in South Africa, the number of sectors that offer franchises is also growing.  One of the more interesting concepts to go the franchise route is Brain Harmonics that is applying for FASA membership. Their concept offers brain-training sessions to help people with everything from stress and anxiety to learning disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder; from unresolved emotional issues and depression to handling anger and frustration to lack of motivation.


“Think of Neurofeedback as a personal training session for the brain” says Kerry Rudman from Brain Harmonics.  “Training the brain to function at its maximum potential is similar to the way the body is exercised, toned and maintained. Brain training exercises the neural pathways that allow the brain to have better function in a variety of areas.”


The human brain contains approximately 100 billion – yes that’s right – billion neurons. Neurons are the nerve cells within in our brains that help us to function and essentially live, and the 100 billion that each of us possess are capable of storing up to 2.5million GB of information, so no more excuses about not being able to remember! “The communication between these neurons is what produces the brain waves that lead to our thoughts, emotions and behaviours,” explains Kerry Rudman from Brain Harmonics. “Scientifically speaking brainwaves are produced by synchronised electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other. The importance of producing the correct brainwaves at the correct times is fundamental to our ability to function as a healthy, well adjusted, stress-free individual.”


The key brainwaves are:

  • Delta brainwaves are needed for relaxing sleep
  • Theta brainwaves allow us to visualize, daydream, zone out and have those ah-ha moments.
  • Alpha brainwaves are your creative frequency, your internal happiness and your short-term memory
  • Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR) is the mind body connection allowing your mind and body to work optimally together
  • Beta brainwaves are your ”office manager”, they are your thinking, processing frequency, the one that helps you to stay on task and get things into action
  • Hi Beta brainwaves are produced when there is stress, anxiety, trying to do too many things at the same time.


The average human being is dealing with 50 000 more bits of information per second than they were 50 years ago. That’s 3 million more per minute – an incredible statistic to ponder! Most brains are simply unable to cope with this bombardment of information, and have taken measures to protect itself, which includes shifting brain waves to function at times which are inappropriate to maximize effectiveness and productivity.


In addition, the effects of the stress that we live with every day should not be underestimated, affecting everything from behaviours to moods to our physical bodies. This is where brain training comes in – just like we can go to a personal trainer at the gym to improve our muscle tone, we can attend brain training sessions to improve cognitive function and general health and wellbeing, as well as helping to achieve a lasting state of calm and relaxation. Using neurofeedback and the science of changing brain waves, brain training trains your brain by giving it real-time information about exactly what is happening and the state it is in, thus enabling it to re-learn correct brainwave patterns.


“In reality, the stress of our everyday lives has created brains that are not always able to produce the correct brain waves at the appropriate times,” explains Kerry. “So sometimes when you should be producing beta waves, your brain does not do that, for a wide variety of reasons, and your mind feels foggy, or you just can’t complete the task. At other times, when you would like your brain to quieten down so that you can sleep, instead your mind races and is full of unhelpful thoughts. Most people have experienced these kinds of situations from time to time. In extreme situations, where the brain fails to produce the correct wave for the situation on an ongoing basis, the result can be a wide variety of illnesses.”


To find out more about how to train your brain or to become a Brain Harmonics franchisee please contact Kerry Rudman on 083 266 9183 or email


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