Calling ALL FASA Members – Take up the challenge to be our 2017 Award Winners

Calling ALL FASA Members – Take up the challenge to be our 2017 Award Winners

The history of the FASA Awards dates back to 1990 when Franchisor of the Year and Franchisee of the Year were contested for the first time. The awards have since expanded into seven categories, so there is something for everyone and every qualifying brand should enter.

Introducing the awards

The awards are open to FASA members. Categories on offer are Franchisor | Newcomer Franchisor | Franchisee | Developer of Emerging Entrepreneurs | Brand Builder | Job Creator |Field Service Consultant.

The evaluation criteria have been developed and honed to perfection over time and the point system facilitates merit-based outcomes. The highest ethical standards are applied in the selection of the judges and observed during adjudication.

Kurt Illetschko of Manual Makers, a founding member of FASA and currently one of the judges of the FASA Awards gives us an overview of the importance of the awards.

Why consider entering the awards?

The preparation of awards entries is a lot of hard work; there is also the uncomfortable necessity to bare it all, so why bother? “Because it’s worth it!” Making it into the finals is good for the brand; winning an award is the cherry on the cake, but there is more.

Much more than bragging rights

Being singled out as “the best in class” feels great but the elation felt during the awards night is only the tip of the iceberg;

The OBC Group entered the FASA awards for the first time in 2015. They won the coveted title of Franchisor of the Year and were runner-up in the FSC category.They again won Franchisor of the Year in 2016 and were named Field Service Consultant of the Year as well. They topped it by winning the SAPCC Large Business Award as well, twice!

We asked Tony da Fonseca, Managing Director of the OBC Group, what impact these accolades had on the brand. Here is his response.

  • It put the brand on the map. We have been in business for over 29 years and our brand is well established among our target customer base. Beyond that, not so much. The publicity resulting from winning the awards has changed that!
  • My head office team and our existing franchisees are mighty proud to be part of a winning brand and back me 101% in the quest to maintain our growth trajectory.
  • In the past, some landlords wouldn’t even talk to us; they now seek us out with site proposals.
  • Suppliers offer us better deals; this benefits our wholesale division and our franchisees.
  • The number of enquiries we receive from prospective franchisees has dramatically increased.
  • Completing the entry forms has helped us to uncover shortcomings and fix them.

Winning the awards has enhanced the growth trajectory of our brand and I am grateful to FASA and its sponsors for presenting this event.

What’s the next step?

To enhance your success chances, we advise you to consider entering the awards as a process, not an event.

  • Study the entry forms; the questions indicate what strengths are required to excel. Select the most promising categories.
  • Appoint a project team and put it to work immediately.
  • Set your internal deadline for completion of the entries at least one week prior to the official deadline. This allows for review, tweaking and timely delivery of entries. Remember: appearances do count!
  • Regardless of whether you made it into the finals or not, analyse the outcomes. It will help you prepare a winning entry for the following year.

Here is to seeing you on the winner’s podium!

The closing date for entries is the 24th February 2017. For full details of awards categories, entry criteria and the submission deadline go to

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