Can you Afford not to be on Social Media

Mike Said, social media marketing and franchise strategist, who presented at FASA’s 2017 Convention made a compelling case for every business to take their social media marketing seriously.  With statistics showing that 75% of people purchased a product because they saw it on social media and of that percentage, 60,7% needed to see a post 2 – 4 times from the company before making a purchase, it is a no-brainer that every company wanting to attract and retain customers’ needs to get on board the social media bandwagon.  Mike Said (follow him on his website at; on twitter at mike_said_what and on facebook at mikesaidwhat) has these seven social media shifts to adopt this year.

  • Honesty & Transparency
  • Perception versus Reality
  • Less Interruption Marketing
  • Show don’t Tell
  • Targeting & segmentation
  • Integration
  • Social Media Marketing

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