Cash Crusaders Committed to Raising the Secondhand Industry

Cash Crusaders Committed to Raising the Secondhand Industry

Cash Crusaders is the largest and most recognisable secondhand retail brand in South Africa with its signature blue stores a common sight in malls and busy main streets. It’s not only its innovative business model or its popularity among South African consumers that makes the franchise group so successful, but rather the way it has brought modern best practice to the secondhand side of the business.

Bringing respectability to the secondhand trade

Cash Crusaders maintains a strict code of ethics that endorses fair business practice and honest trading. This is a value that’s taken seriously among the 200-plus network of franchises. As part of their franchisees’ commitment, store owners sign a pledge which holds them to run their business faithfully to the company’s systems and values. Cash Crusaders was a founding member of the National Association of Franchised Secondhand Dealers (NAFSHD) which regulates the conduct of outlets and aided in the development of the new Second Hand Goods Act.

Changing perceptions
Part of this drive for continuous ethical trading is to counter the perception that secondhand equals stolen. Scams, fraud and the stolen goods trade is all too common in South Africa. Cash Crusaders fully supports and endorses a crime free South Africa and customers can buy products satisfied that every step possible to thwart stolen goods is followed strictly to a system. At the heart of every store is the Buyshop, where each item is properly inspected, tested and valued, with sellers required to produce proof of identification. If a Buyer suspects that an item is stolen, he or she works hand in hand with the police to ensure proper procedure is followed in reporting suspicious activity. All secondhand items carry a six-month warranty for the customer’s peace of mind.

Putting its customers first
Secondhand trading has come a long way from classified advertising and boot sales. At Cash Crusaders, customers are assured a comfortable, pleasant shopping experience, with knowledgeable and friendly staff at hand to help them find a great deal. Buyshop staff are trained in customer service and are held to high standards of conduct. The company believes that at its core, Cash Crusader buys the customer and not the goods. As a result, each store is held accountable to ensure customers don’t leave feeling disappointed by their experience. Buyers understand that its always customer first, deal second.

Taking secondhand online
In its quest to deliver the best possible trading experience, the brand has created an innovative, browsable online catalogue, where customers can enjoy a more private shopping experience. Users are able to compare prices of the secondhand stock available, and each listing contains the contact details of the store that carries the product. Likewise, if the customer wants to sell a product, they can use the online e-form on the website and be contacted with a quote within twenty-four hours.

Safety and security
Ethical trading extends to the wellbeing of every customer and staff member that walks through those signature blue doors. With the number of Cash Crusaders outlets growing at a steady pace, the customers’ safety comes first and the best possible care and protection is afforded to both people and products. The brand is single-minded in its efforts to ensure the continued safety of its personnel, customers and customer valuables that are stored on the premises. Overall crime statistics are factored into daily operations and all stores are fitted with time delay safes, high value cages, alarms, CCTV and Smoke Cloak systems. The Smoke Cloak in particular has proven to be an effective measure against attempted break-ins or robberies. 

Cash Crusaders is not just another secondhand business, it puts customers first and believes every customer should get a fair deal. The brand has taken great strides in changing the perception of the secondhand industry, and if these successes are any indication, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

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