National Assembly Approves Sugar Tax

The bill providing for the implementation of a tax on sugary beverages – the health promotion levy – was passed by the National Assembly in mid-November. The adoption of the measure, which will be introduced in April 2018, came after extensive public hearings by Parliament’s finance and health committees as well as negotiations within the … Read more

Mastercard Research Shows Small Retailers Showing Better Growth Than National Chains

As consumer habits change and the retail landscape has to also change to meet the challenges of on-line shopping, Mastercard Inc, in a recent US survey which tracks purchasing patterns, has picked up that, whilst big chain stores still account for the majority of shoppers’ purchases, spending growth at mom-and-pop businesses has outpaced that of … Read more

Retail Apocalypse Hitting USA Stores

In a report by Bloomberg news (, America, although showing optimistic growth with its stock exchanges hitting new highs and the job market buoyant, is suffering from what is being referred to at the ‘retail apocalypse’. This is borne out by statistics that show that, although retailers announced more than 3 000 store openings in the … Read more

How to Navigate the New Retail Environment

Retail at the best of times is a stressful environment, always having to be one step ahead of the competition.  But to survive under the added pressures of a low growth economy, negative consumer credit growth, on-line sales and consumers with less money in their pockets is a challenge and needs out-of-the-box thinking. With on-line … Read more

Franchisees Flourish within the Support System of Franchising

In today’s difficult trading environment starting a business or even a franchise does not guarantee success but as one franchisee put it, “I would rather be in business within a franchise system than be facing all these challenges on my own.”  That is what 80% of franchisees surveyed felt about their businesses and would recommend … Read more

Women Make Great Franchisees

Franchising holds a special attraction for women in that it provides the necessary safety net that a normal start-up business does not provide and women are particularly good at working within a system. Women entrepreneurs are opting for franchise options where they can work from home as they often have to fill additional roles such … Read more

Franchising Contributing to Job Creation

There is no question that, to grow sufficiently to ensure job growth, entrepreneurs need to create new businesses which in turn will employ more people.  This is easier said than done, as former finance minister, Nhlanlha Nene inferred at the opening of Cash Converters new store in Sanridge Square in Midrand.  “Jobs are not created … Read more

Consumer Shopping Trends Reshaping the Retail World

Franchise brands, whether in fast food, retail or in services, are amongst the most visible in the world and have become household names because of their visibility – be it in shopping malls, high streets, strip malls, in industrial areas or in home bases.  FASA’s recent survey shows that fifty-nine percent of franchisors have business … Read more

Franchising in Nigeria with FASA

It is widely known that Nigeria is a vast country with a large population. What appears to be less well understood is the FACT that Nigeria offers incredible business opportunities. Need proof? Yes, the country has its problems but, given the current political and economic upheavals playing out across the globe, which country hasn’t?  By … Read more

Franchising Doing Great Things in a Tight Economy

That was how Tony Da Fonseca, FASA’s Chairman described the franchise sector’s performance following the release of the association’s annual survey on franchising. Despite trying socio-economic conditions, political uncertainty and tough trading conditions, the franchise sector has held its own over the past four years growing its contribution to the country GDP from 9.7% in … Read more