3 Major New Labour Laws that Every South African Needs to know About

labour laws south africa

Parliament’s Select Committee on Economic and Business Development recently passed a series of Labour Bills which will affect a broad range of labour issues including minimum wage, parental leave, disputes and strike action. The Bills will now be placed before a plenary sitting of the National Council of Provinces. If adopted, the Bills will be … Read more

Franchise Training Course

Franchising Plus’s Managing Franchisee Performance Course, to be held in Gauteng from the 19 – 21st February is a three-day programme for people who conduct field visits to franchised as well as company owned outlets.   For years it has been believed that forms and incentives are the be-all and end-all of effective field visits. … Read more

Can you Afford not to be on Social Media

Mike Said, social media marketing and franchise strategist, who presented at FASA’s 2017 Convention made a compelling case for every business to take their social media marketing seriously.  With statistics showing that 75% of people purchased a product because they saw it on social media and of that percentage, 60,7% needed to see a post … Read more

How Junk Status Will Affect Your Marketing

Marketers across South Africa are all asking how junk status will affect your marketing expenses. Veronica Wainstein and Mandy Davis of Penquin (www.penquin.co.za), service provider members of FASA share some tips to help you stretch your budget for maximum ROI. Whenever the economy takes a turn for the worse, one of the first places businesses … Read more

Need Help to Secure Developmental Funding

With mounting pressure on business in general to diversify supply chains (aligned to the B-BBEE codes) and localise procurement through industrialisation by taking a strategic and structured view of supplier development (a focus of the National Development Plan), to transformation of the franchise sector in a more sustainable manner. Uzenzele, a Level 1 BEE compliant … Read more

The importance of Training in Franchising

Training, coupled with a comprehensive support package, are perhaps the most important elements to running a successful franchise. It is the strength of franchising that it can accommodate the franchisee’s inexperience through intensive initial and, more importantly through ongoing training.  Two of FASA’s service providers provide quality training in a range of disciplines.  They kick … Read more

Last Franchise Training courses for the year

MANAGING FRANCHISEE PERFORMANCE Presented by Franchising Plus This 3-day programme is for people who conduct field visits to franchised as well as company owned outlets. The course aims to cover all the basics of a good field visit but focuses on imparting the skills needed to ensure standards are maintained, through on-the-job coaching. Role-plays based … Read more

Franchise Training for July

Franchising’s success in maintaining consistent standards throughout the network of franchisees is thanks to the business format unique to franchising and also to the rigorous training of franchisors, franchisees and their staff.  Two of the country’s top franchise consultants offer management and training courses throughout the year covering a wide range of subjects. Franchize Directions … Read more


This premium event – FNB’s Franchise Leadership Summit – in collaboration between FNB and Franchising Plus, is a premium event aimed at high profile franchisors, high value multi-unit franchisees and stakeholders of the sector. It will also appeal to corporate and mid-sized companies that are considering franchising as an expansion mechanism. The following franchise pioneers and … Read more


Following successful courses held in Durban and Johannesburg, Franchising Plus’ popular Franchisee Performance Management Course will take place in Cape Town from the 12 – 14th October. This three-day programme is for people who conduct field visits or provide support to franchised as well as company-owned outlets. For years it has been believed that forms … Read more