Benefits of Belonging to the Franchise Association

FASA has been the guiding force of franchising in South Africa for over thirty years and the growth and stability of the sector is largely thanks to the work that FASA has done over the years to promote ethical franchising. The brands accredited by the Franchise Association of South Africa benefit from the many events … Read more

Why it’s Important to get FASA Accreditation

It is estimated that there are over 750 business systems in South Africa claiming to be franchises. A large number are not accredited members of FASA.  The requirements of becoming an accredited member of FASA are stringent – this no doubt scares off the less scrupulous operators and those who do not have correct structures … Read more

From Nurse to Entrepreneur – Susan Maake of OBC Chicken & Meat in Phalaborwa

When Susan Maake puts her faith in something she makes sure she gives 100 percent!  Whether it’s the 22 years she devoted as a nurse working for the Department of Health to her work as a pastor for the Christian Faith Assembly, she believes in making a difference not only in her life but in … Read more

FASA and Proudly SA forge Ties & Offer Membership Discount

With over 90 percent of franchises in South Africa home-grown, it was a logical step for the Franchise Association of South Africa to be a strong proponent of Proudly SA. “Franchising is represented in almost every industry sector – from FMCG, real estate, education, retail and business to business,” says Tony Da Fonseca, FASA’s Chairman. … Read more

Counteracting Low Consumer Confidence with Innovation

When consumer confidence takes a dip and shoppers don’t reach into their pockets to spend, businesses need to step up their game. Retail closures such as that of   Stuttafords, one of South Africa’s oldest retailers and supermarkets laying off staff, and even some of the top listed franchise companies showing a decline in headline earnings, … Read more

The Fasa Convention Covered all the Bases

The over 150 delegates who attended FASA’s annual convention sponsored by Absa were treated to concurrent sessions where 42 industry representatives and top speakers covered six broad areas of business – Franchise Operations, Franchise Relationships, Finance & Funding, Growth & International Expansion, Marketing & Technology & Legal. We picked up some key insights and words … Read more

Make sure the Franchise you choose is a FASA Accredited Member

At the recent World Franchise Council meeting in London, of which the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) is a member, the focus was on sustaining the growth of franchising worldwide in continuing turbulent times through ethical franchise principles. According to Vera Valasis, Executive Director of FASA, “at the meeting it was acknowledged that upholding … Read more

How to Find a Franchise in South Africa | whichfranchise | FASA

How to Find a Franchise What makes a good franchise? Is it the brand, or perhaps the marketing strategy used? The biggest franchises around the world all agree that a successful franchise needs a strong brand presence in the market, a great concept that resonates with consumers, and a strong well-respected franchiser. Franchises accredited with … Read more

FASA’s Convention on ‘Surviving, Thriving & Innovating’

To remain relevant, amid disruptive political and economic trends, changing consumer preferences, requires a positive outlook and a pro-active and innovative approach. As a service to the franchise sector, FASA presents its annual convention. taking place on Thursday 29th June at the Kyalami Race Track Conference Centre. The conference, presented under the title, ‘Surviving, Thriving, … Read more

Surviving, Thriving & Innovating – A call to action from FASA’s chairman

Dear recipient of the FASA newsletter, The recent economic downturn notwithstanding, franchising currently contributes 11.6% to the country’s GDP. In fact, every second of every day, somewhere across the world, someone will have a ‘franchise experience’. Regardless of whether they’re stopping off to pick up a take-out coffee, sending a parcel to a friend overseas, … Read more