Create an Effective Social Media Strategy for your Employees

A social media policy is important to have if you want your employees to better engage on social media. It helps to protect their personal safety and protect the reputation of your business. Here are 3 tips for creating a social media policy for your employees: Explain to your employees who can speak for your … Read more

10 Things That Make Your Online Presence Unprofessional

In a time when people turn to the internet to find out about a product or business before considering using or purchasing from them, having a professional online presence is essential.   Take a look at these 10 things that make your online presence unprofessional to see where you are going right, or where you … Read more

4 Tips for running successful Social Media contests

Appeal to Prospective Customers and Not Just Entrants The first step in creating an effective social media contest is designing one that appeals to your target audience. You could do this by adding labels to your contest copy that address your target audience. For example, a clothing store could say “Are you a Winter Fashionista? … Read more

6 Digital Marketing Tips to Help Improve Customer Engagement

Customer engagement on a digital level is growing amongst both small and larger businesses. Consumers are taking to social media to express their feelings about various products, services, and brands, and are looking to social media for reviews before deciding where to take their business or which products to purchase.  When you are planning your … Read more

Let your Employees be Part of your Social Media Strategy for 2017

With so many people having access to social media on their computers and cell phones, this is becoming the most effective way to reach customers and show them what you have to offer. With prices of advertising and promoting posts on social media platform said to increase this year, we need to look for other … Read more

Social Media has changed the game for Customer Service!

2017 has started with a bang, as everyone has returned from their holidays and is getting back into work. With a new year comes new challenges for businesses, and the rise of consumers using social media channels will be one to watch especially around customer service. This can be both a positive and negative for … Read more

I see you but how do I reach you?

Facebook is flooded with many excited potential consumers who are waiting to be swooped up by brands such as yours. It serves as a dynamic platform that is suitable for both product-and-service-based industries. One major concern of late is Facebook’s poor organic reach for brands. With the help of Social Media Examiner, we have established … Read more

Social media the topic at FASA’s networking breakfast

FASA’s July networking breakfast had close to 60 people gather on a chilly morning to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast at Mike’s Kitchen and to listen to speakers give them some insights into what makes business tick and succeed.  Crucial in these times to any business success is a company’s social media presence and FASA invited … Read more

What is Web Hosting?

Every single business should know about the Internet and how it can work for them. Having a Website is just the “tip of the proverbial iceberg” when it comes to having a strong online presence. Let’s have a closer look at some important aspects. Website hosting – what is web hosting? Website hosting is an … Read more