FASA Welcomes New Brands Accredited by the Association

As the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) publishes its 2018 annual Franchise Manual that lists all its members and publishes articles of interest pertaining to franchising, it is working on various initiatives designed to assist newcomers to the sector as well as existing members.  Whilst the aim of the association is to embrace every … Read more

How to Bolster your Employee Engagement Levels for Better Business Results

Beyond Engagement, an independent and agile speciality consultancy which was founded to bring the power of Employee Engagement to African entities in a practical and results-focused format offers employee engagement levels for better business results.  They first seek to understand your business objectives (profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, absenteeism and quality assurance), and then apply design … Read more

Economic turnaround holds opportunities for SMEs

The SONA speech by President Cyril Ramaphosa and his commitment to supporting small business and entrepreneurship has been welcomed by Tony Da Fonseca, FASA’s Chairman who in 2017 met with the chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee for Trade & Industry.  “We are encouraged by the President’s promise to increase co-operation with business and look … Read more

Creative Minds Believe the Sky’s the Limit – Whatever Your Age

Marius Lubbe, Managing Director of education franchise, Creative Minds, believes that one has only two choices in life: To move forward, Or to stay where we are, which will, in effect, cause us to go backwards eventually. “Choose to move forward” says Marius Lubbe.  “When you are looking for a job, you need computer skills … Read more

Franchise Sector Rallies to Assist in Water Crisis

As everyone around the country mobilises to try and assist the Western Cape with their water crisis, the franchise sector has also come on board to help – whether through donations or in cutting back on water usage. Many of the initiatives are spearheaded by the water retailers such as H2O, Oasis Water and Perfect … Read more

Want to Promote your Food? Put a Logo on it!

Forget about the logo on the serviette, on the condiments or on the glasses – to capitalize and get social media exposure, restaurants and fast food outlets internationally are branding their food for maximum exposure. According to a report on www.bloomberg.com, what’s on your plate – from your tuna steak to the bowl of pasta … Read more

Create an Effective Social Media Strategy for your Employees

A social media policy is important to have if you want your employees to better engage on social media. It helps to protect their personal safety and protect the reputation of your business. Here are 3 tips for creating a social media policy for your employees: Explain to your employees who can speak for your … Read more

10 Things That Make Your Online Presence Unprofessional

In a time when people turn to the internet to find out about a product or business before considering using or purchasing from them, having a professional online presence is essential.   Take a look at these 10 things that make your online presence unprofessional to see where you are going right, or where you … Read more

4 Tips for running successful Social Media contests

Appeal to Prospective Customers and Not Just Entrants The first step in creating an effective social media contest is designing one that appeals to your target audience. You could do this by adding labels to your contest copy that address your target audience. For example, a clothing store could say “Are you a Winter Fashionista? … Read more

6 Digital Marketing Tips to Help Improve Customer Engagement

Customer engagement on a digital level is growing amongst both small and larger businesses. Consumers are taking to social media to express their feelings about various products, services, and brands, and are looking to social media for reviews before deciding where to take their business or which products to purchase.  When you are planning your … Read more