Col’Cacchio Insta-readies its dining experience

Col’Cacchio Insta-readies its dining experience

Italian-inspired restaurant franchise Col’Cacchio has added an engaging element to their dining experience that would hold special appeal for their social media-savvy customers. Restaurants nationwide are now sporting interactive ‘Instagram placemats’ with guidelines on how diners can take the perfect shot to share with their friends on social platforms.

Following the massive growth in popularity of Instagram, the brand wanted to create an element in their dining experience that would engage with their customers in-store and through their social media platforms.

Recent research indicated that 18-35 year olds who actively use social media spend five whole days a year browsing food images on Instagram, and that 30% would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram presence was lacking.

The new placemats provide guidelines on how to position your meal for a shot that is ‘Instagram-ready’. They were introduced in honour of Col’Cacchio’s 25th birthday, as a way of taking the brand back to its younger, quirky days.

“The nature of pizza eating goes hand-in-hand with conversation, stories and memories. Sharing stories and eating pizza is what life is all about,” says the company.


Breathing fresh life into the brand
Col’Cacchio went through a massive rebrand late last year that included a new look and feel that is reflected in the interior décor, seasonally updated menu and new logo, bringing fresh life to their evolving operation.

“Being an organisation that has always evolved with the times, our new corporate identity reflects not only our growth and position as an inclusive brand, but our innovative spirit,” says CEO Michael Terespolsky.

This is the group’s fourth full rebranding exercise since it opened up shop in 1992. “It is quite bold and allows our name to be more easily read and more easily noticed in our signage and other brand collateral,” he says. “We continue on the path of revamping all our older stores so that they look more current and but still embrace our DNA of having warm, casual and sexy stores that are inviting to diners.”

Every touch point, from the take-away bags and pizza boxes, to the placemats and salt and pepper grinders are designed to point to the personality of the eating experience and “the welcoming nature of the Col’Cacchio family”.

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