FASA Award Winner Nanou N’SA of Hot Dog Cafe Visits the USA

FASA Award Winner Nanou N’SA of Hot Dog Cafe Visits the USA

If you ever wondered how a franchise brand manages to uphold the same standards of product and service through all its branches, look no further than their teams of Field Service Consultants who monitor and advise franchisees on running their businesses effectively and profitably.  The Franchise Association of South Africa, as part of their annual Awards, has a Field Service Consultant of the Year Award to find the one person who excels in his job.  The winner wins a trip to the American Franchise Association convention to see how it is all done in the USA.

The 2017 winner of FASA’s Field Service Consultant Award was Nanou N’sa of Hot Dog Cafe who moved through the ranks – first as a cadet, then as store manager and then promoted to business consultant.  His outstanding management & training capabilities had him opening stores in other African countries and then as regional manager overseeing 34 outlets as well as the distribution warehouse. Nanou’s work ethic, understanding of the business and exceptional rapport with franchisees, enables him to carry this knowledge to his franchisees, managers and staff alike.


Nanou flew to Phoenix in Arizona to attend the 2018 IFA convention and was taken under the wing of Josh Merin of the IFA who guided him through the events of the convention.

“My trip was a great learning experience attending such a tremendous event that brought together many franchise professionals,” said Nanou.

He attended a wide variety of educational sessions including:

  • Elements of successful Franchising
  • Field support / Field consultant tools, tips & techniques
  • Marketing,  sales  & Innovation Summit
  • Franchisor/Franchisee Relations
  • Roundtable topic discussions
  • Networking camp
  • Supplier Exhibit Hall


“Many thanks to FASA and the IFA for granting me the great opportunity to attend such an immense event with valuable learning experience.  I met so many of the greats in Franchising through roundtable discussions and Networking sessions. I really look forward to winning the Field Service Consultant Award again, as it added so much valuable experience in my Franchising Journey!

If you want to enter FASA’s Field Service Consultant category in this year’s Awards, visit the FASA website on www.fasa.co.za , download the application form, and give it to your operations manager to submit – or submit it yourself.  You could be winging your way to the USA in 2019!

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