FASA to Conduct Industry Survey

FASA to Conduct Industry Survey

FASA has, for the past few years, together with sponsor Sanlam, conducted two surveys annually – one by interviewing Franchisors on their contribution to the industry as a whole, the other interviewing Franchisees to find out their satisfaction levels within the industry. These surveys allow us to quantify the sector in terms of its size and its contribution to the country’s GDP and to job creation.

We are inviting franchisors/franchisees – whether FASA members or not –  to participate in the study and trust that you found the information gathered last year to be of use to you in your business.

Information about your franchise is very important to assist in completing the picture and it would benefit the entire franchise industry if you could answer some questions about your experience and knowledge as a franchisor/franchisee.

It must be stressed that your responses to these questions will remain completely confidential unless you give permission otherwise.  All questionnaires are added together and your responses will not be individually identified.   The survey should take approximately 15 minutes.

The interviewers come from an organisation called Meraki Research and, in the case of franchisors, they needed to interview someone in senior management and, in the case of the franchisee, the owner or a manager should have been interviewed.

The closing date is mid-August.  If you are a franchisor or franchisee and wish to take part in the survey or have any queries on the survey contact Margaret Constantaras on margaret@researchiq.co.za

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