As the Franchise Association of South Africa represents over 17 business sectors, it is proud to welcome Sinkmaster as a new member with their concept of food waste disposers that offers a cleaner, greener and simpler solution to waste management.

With over 30 years’ experience and a simple tried and tested international system, Sinkmaster SA has been distributing a wide range of Domestic and Commercial Food Waste Disposers nationwide since 1987.

Their after sales service includes repairs and maintenance of our Sinkmaster Food Waste Disposers. With the correct use and service of the Food Waste Disposers they can last up to 15-20 years.

Why Food Waste Disposers?

In March 2008, the Waste Management. Amendment Act 2007 was promulgated into Law. This Act requires Refuse in both the Domestic and Commercial arena to be separated for re-cycling and requires Municipal authorities responsible for Waste to be more efficient and in their waste treatment and Landfill management.

Benefits of using food waste disposers:

No more bad odours

No more bacteria producing leftovers

Safe for the environment

Eliminate the food source of pests and insects

Helps prevent blocked drains

With their mobile unit, they will be educating the public by promoting to Schools and Malls in surrounding areas and demonstrating to them the use and benefits of using our Food Waste Disposers.

Since 1996 they have been promoting the use and selling the range of Sinkmaster Food Waste Disposers, for both domestic and commercial applications. Their aim is to open 54 Franchises around South Africa. They are currently busy with the first five franchisee applications and should be opening soon around the Johannesburg Metro.

For further information on their system and their franchise opportunity email franchise@sinkmaster.co.za

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