FASA’s Franchise Convention Covers all Angles

FASA’s Franchise Convention Covers all Angles

With the economy showing a positive growth for the coming year and public and business sentiment more positive, the Franchise Association of South Africa’s annual Franchise Convention taking place at The Forum in Bryanston on Thursday 28th June puts the spotlight on how successful franchising can be with over fifty speakers tackling different aspects to franchising.


Franchise Operations at the Core of Franchising

A wide range of experts and successful franchisors will cover all aspects of franchise operations;

–  from establishing best practices to help your franchisees to significantly improve their profitability;

–  to finding, hiring and retaining the right talent.

– The finer details of cost reduction and improving efficiencies of opening new outlets, capitalizing suppliers and maximizing automated cash management services will be on the agenda.


Franchise Relationships key to Success

As franchising is a win-win partnership between franchisor, franchisee and suppliers, the speakers covering franchise relationships will tackle topics such as:

– Knowing how to recruit the right franchisee for your franchise company is key to running a successful operation.

– Effective store visits for Field Service Consultants to get best results.

– Effective site selection for franchisees and the perspective from the landlord.


Finance and Funding Opportunities

Key funders will be presenting their funding options that include:

– What can development funders offer franchising.

– How to access development funding for Franchisees.

– How does one cut through the red tape of government funding agencies.


Growth and International Expansion

For those franchisors ready to take the next step beyond our borders, the Franchise Convention has experts to give guidance in the following areas:

– Preparing for successful international expansion

– Franchise expansion to African countries.

– How to determine master licence or territorial fees for franchisees.


Franchising and the Law

Navigating the legalities of franchise contracts, leases and laws affecting franchising can be daunting but the experts will guide you on the following:

– Non-compliance with the Consumer Protection Act – what happens?

– The Effectiveness of Restraint of Trade.

– Trademark and internet brand protection.

– How to address insolvent or struggling franchisees.


Marketing and Technology

Cutting through the noise of communicating your brand, product or service is what the experts will tackle including covering:

– Growing your social media strategy along with your business.

– How to keep ahead of disruption.

– Brand repositioning or refresh?

– How to create a marketing presence on a small budget.


Focus on Franchisee Needs

Catering to both established franchisees and prospective business owners, the Convention tackles those often asked questions such as:

– What are the key issues that drive profitability in a franchise.

– Two franchises for the price of one?  A new opportunity not to be missed.

– Are you running your business or is it running you.

– When to sell: learn about the signs and indicators.

Click here to book your ticket to attend the convention http://ife.co.za/franchise-convention-southafrica/ or email giuli@gocomms.co.za.


Key Speakers Enlighten Industry Stakeholders on Franchise Sector Trends and Trade Secrets



Industry Stakeholders Participate in a Presentation at FASA International Franchise Expo

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