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How to Find a Franchise

What makes a good franchise? Is it the brand, or perhaps the marketing strategy used? The biggest franchises around the world all agree that a successful franchise needs a strong brand presence in the market, a great concept that resonates with consumers, and a strong well-respected franchiser. Franchises accredited with FASA and whichfranchise are trustworthy and respected in the franchise industry of South Africa, and we are proud to be associated with each franchise we deal with.

Whichfranchise is one of the top franchisee recruitment websites in South Africa – providing franchise information, advice and opportunities on one easy-to-use digital portal. Since launching their first website in 2005, whichfranchise has grown to include franchise websites in the UK, Ireland, Australia and the United States. They provide franchisees with a useful step-by-step guide to buying a franchise, identifying if franchising is for them, and endeavour to guide potential franchisees through:

  • Raising finance
  • Legal advice
  • Franchise opportunities
  • Latest franchise news
  • Franchisee case studies (these give potential franchisees insight into what owning a franchise actually entails).

The whichfranchise team of franchise professionals is constantly looking for up-to-date franchise information and services to enrich their continually evolving website. They work with some of the world’s most successful franchises, as well as forming solid partnerships with some of the industry’s top franchise suppliers. Whichfranchise operates under license by Franchising Plus, South Africa’s most respected franchise consultancy.

Franchising Plus

As a member of the Franchise Association of South Africa, Franchising Plus is spearheaded by Eric Parker – one of the most influential people in the franchising industry of South Africa. Franchising Plus’ emphasis is on educating franchisees looking to start their own business in South Africa, and we are the first for those looking to add franchising to their new business options.

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