Give your Website the chance to stand out

Easy2Access - Internet Marketing and Web SolutionsWe asked FASA’s website provider Easy2Access why they think every small business needs to have a well-designed and active website. According to Ben Botes of Easy2Access, “an effective Website that will work for you needs to be updated and not left to stagnate. An example of how people may find your websiteSmaller businesses can really gain if they understand exactly how their website can stand out from the competition.”

Search Engines such as Google, like websites that are updated regularly. If you are updating and adding new content and images then the search engines will start to rank your pages accordingly. A search engine needs to see that your website is being updated on a regular basis. Regular updates = better ranking. People will be more likely to locate your product/services if you are doing regular updates to your website. Search engines have been developed with users as the main priority and service providers as a secondary priority. This means search engines do not want to direct users to websites that are not maintained.

Keeping your website up to date will help guide visitors/potential clients to your website. Perhaps you have new products, important news or even an upcoming sale/ promotion. Every new bit of updated content has the potential to connect with current or future customers and encourages them to return to your website. Regular updates shows both search engines and visitors your business is relevant and up to date with its respective industry. Clients aren’t going to trust you if the information on your website is outdated or irrelevant.

A stagnated and/or outdated website is like having a business that never changes its product or services, never evolves with the times or cares to know what existing/potential customers are needing. Regular fresh & quality content go hand-in-hand with SEO and Online Marketing. Google processes over 40 000 search enquiries every second. Search results are returned in seconds. If Google can see your website is not updated and/or relevant then chances are you will never make it into those search results never mind on to the first page of Google. Google has become an important part of most people’s daily lives – if Google can’t see you then how will prospective clients find you? Information targeted at your customer base will encourage a growth in exposure for your business and traffic to your website.

Upgrading your website to a more responsive one that is optimized for mobile devices ensures that people can get information on your site anywhere and anytime. There are few things more irritating than trying to navigate a website that is not responsive or optimized for mobile. Many consumers are running searches on the go which means they are accessing your website through a smart phone or tablet – is it easy to navigate your website on the go? Regular updates to your website also ensures your content is relevant. This means if it is shared on social media it is still relevant and may even provoke a response. Relevant content will also enable you to branch out onto Social Media which generates an even broader audience. It is also important to educate yourself on the Algorithms of the search engines to ensure you are meeting the latest requirements and not falling behind.

If you’ve ever visited a website and received the incorrect information because the content was outdated then you will understand the frustration a visitor faces when your content is outdated. Regular changes, updates and maintenance of your website will take time but it is invaluable to your online presence. With all the competition amongst businesses (both offline & online), give your website the chance to stand out and make your business a success!

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