Hats off to Ocean Basket on Their Last Straw Campaign

In an effort to save our seas, franchise brand Ocean Basket will no longer be giving straws with drinks and bags with take-aways. As the ocean and the waterways are their core focus and form the foundation of the Ocean Basket brand offering, they recognise the importance of maintaining an ocean that is healthy and abundant. “The ocean sustains us with the basic elements of life; it produces half the oxygen we breathe, helps to provide the water we drink and delivers us the very core of our business success – seafood.”

Ocean Basket subscribes to being a responsible ocean citizen (ROC) and is committed to adopting new habits at both a company and personal level and creating a sense of belonging with a community striving to preserve the ocean and its resources.  They will work with public organisations such as NPOs, aquariums, science centres and other restaurant outlets to promote a philosophy to a wide audience from patrons to media and investors.  Projects planned over the next 18 months will see them build a movement within their stores to prevent plastic pollution, reduce waste, improve recycling and live cleaner, healthier lives.



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