Hot Dog Cafe Weighs in on Listeriosis Outbreak

Following the Listeriosis Outbreak Press Conference held by the Department of Health on the 4th March 2018, Hot Dog Cafe (Pty) Ltd confirms that no processed meat products within the Hot Dog cafe brand is supplied by Enterprise or Rainbow. Neither Hot Dog Cafe nor its suppliers are one of the affected meat processing plants named by the Department of Health.

According to a spokesperson for the franchise brand, the listeria bacterium is killed during an effective cooking process. All Hot Dog Cafe Processed Meat Products, except their Hot Dog Cafe Wors, are pre-cooked during the manufacturing process. Their Hot Dog Cafe Wors is cooked on a grill at a minimum of 300 degrees C or in an over at a minimum of 180 degrees C and their sausages are cooked to a minimum of 85 degrees C in store before being served.

Hot Dog Cafe and their Processed Meat Product Suppliers continuously test their products and facilities for presence of any food borne bacteria, including the listeria bacterium on a monthly basis. Hot Dog Cafe also follows the FSA (Food Safety Audit) system, which includes the internationally recognized ISO based scheme for Food Safety to protect brands and safeguard public health with food hygiene control programmes.  Introduced into this Audit Scheme is the GlobalGAP initiative, which is a programme of food production standards. Their affiliated suppliers follow the same Health & Safety Standards with similar good hygiene systems and therefore, as a collective, meet the required legislative industry standards for food safety.  “The consumer of our products and their health and safety is our priority.”

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