Join FASA and be Part of the International Franchise Community

Franchising is recognized globally as one of the most aggressive forms of business expansion. It enjoys a high profile with some of the world’s most renowned brands as franchise leaders. In most countries franchising has fallen under the umbrella of local franchise associations, which in turn, belong to the World Franchise Council. This allows the business format of franchising to be controlled and good ethical practices set globally. For this very reason, franchisors, franchisees and service providers are encouraged to get accredited to a franchise association which in turn promotes them in a variety of ways including:

  • All companies accredited by FASA can advertise franchises for sale on the FASA website under the “Franchises for sale” link on the homepage at no cost.
  • All ongoing marketing campaigns undertaken throughout the year by the association promotes its franchise brands, the sectors they represent and franchising in general.
  • Regular press releases are issued by FASA showcase the growth of its various sectors, its accredited companies and their achievements as well as address other matters of relevance to franchising.
  • FASA sends newsletters out to its member base as well as the public database four times a month – accredited companies who submit newsworthy information about their brands to the editor of the newsletter receive free exposure should the article be published.
  • FASA is a member of the World Franchise Council and as such can provide information to its accredited companies who may be looking for contacts and expert information should they be expanding offshore.
  • As a member of the World Franchise Council, FASA’s Code of Ethics is a world class document that mirrors the Codes of franchise associations around the world. FASA is a member of Ethics SA and stands for ethical franchising so franchisors cannot afford not to be accredited.

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