McDonald’s to invest R3Bn in SA over the next 5 years

McDonald’s to invest R3Bn in SA over the next 5 years

McDonald’s South Africa has committed to invest R3 billion into the country over the next five years, the company announced at the South African Investment Conference held in Johannesburg recently.

With the planned openings of over 120 restaurants in the next 5 years, McDonald’s SA says this capital expenditure will positively impact the construction and manufacturing sector across the country.

“Through this expansion, 7,000 new jobs will be created and we plan to recruit matriculated youth across the country to be employed within our restaurants,” says McDonald’s SA CEO Greg Solomon.

As part of its training and development efforts, the fast-food chain’s newly planned Hamburger University in Johannesburg will improve over 12,000 of their staff members’ skills in the business. Both internal and external accredited courses will be part of the training curriculum.

Using its scale as a business to impact the procurement system, the company also says it has started with “a significant plan to advance transformation” particularly in areas of agriculture and livestock farming.
Source: BizCommunity

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