Networking Opportunity at the Franchise Business Festival

They say franchising is the pebble thrown in the pond that causes the ripple effect of a successful brand.  As the ripples perpetuate the popularity and demand for that brand, developers, shopping malls and leasing agents line up to include those successful retailers in their tenant mix.  But it is often start-up franchise concepts or lesser-known brands that could well be tomorrow’s leading brands that struggle to get good sites and are unproven to the developer.  How to get a foot in the door and convince developers and owners of shopping centres is a challenge that many franchisors have to contend with.  The other side of the coin lies in a proliferation of shopping centres all offering the same well-established brands – where in fact a changing market-place and more discerning shoppers are looking for diversity in the shopping centre’s tenant mix.


The Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) has developed an alliance agreement with the Shopping Centre Council of South Africa to facilitate better understanding between the franchise community and landlords that have available opportunities in existing and new retail properties across South Africa.


To this end, a networking event is being planned at FASA’s Franchise Business Festival on Friday 30 June 2017, taking place at the Kyalami Expo & Convention Centre for SCCSA VIP guests to meet with franchisors who are interested in sites and opportunities in centres across SA.  A business facilitation platform will schedule structures meetings between franchisors looking for sites and developers and letting agents with viable sites.


According to Vera Valasis, Executive Director of the Franchise Association,we know from our most recent survey that the most challenging issue for franchisors is finding the right site.  The association therefore decided to offer a platform to franchisors at the Franchise Business Festival to meet with landlords and letting agents so that the conversations and negotiations can start with the right partners around the table.”


Understanding the accreditation process set out by developers and getting to know the franchisors that are keen to expand and are looking for sites nationally in many instances, is the foundation for a mutually beneficial alliance between the two representative structures.  Response from franchisors has been very positive with many concepts welcoming the opportunity to meet with specific landlords and letting agents.



Some of the franchise companies that have shown interest in booking networking slots at the Franchise Business Festival include:



Big Al’s

Brochure Management

Cape Town Fish Market

Camelot Spa

Express Employment Professionals

Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips

Liquor City

Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt



Mommy Wellness

Oasis Water

OBC Chicken & Meat

Perfect Car

Pie City


Sausage Saloon

The Specialists

We Fix


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