OBC Chicken lends a hand at the meals-on-wheels Mandela Day Cook-athon

OBC Chicken lends a hand at the meals-on-wheels Mandela Day Cook-athon

The OBC Chicken team at Meals on wheels Mandela DayOn Mandela Day, June 18th, the staff of franchise group OBC Chicken were busy cooking up a storm at the Meals on Wheels Mandela Cook-Athon and then went on the road to feed the needy people serviced by the Meals on Wheels charity organization.

According to Tony Da Fonseca, Managing Director of OBC Chicken, this was a great opportunity for the OBC head office team to do its bit in honour of Nelson Mandela and his Mandela Day charity drive. “As this is the first Mandela Day without the former President Nelson Mandela since his passing last year, we felt it was our duty to carry on his legacy of doing charity work in his memory.”

The Nelson Mandela Fo undation launched this year’s Nelson Mandela Day under the theme: “My wish is that South Africans never give up in the belief of goodness, that they cherish that faith in human beings as a cornerstone of our democracy” which is one of Preparing the chicken stew for the Meals on wheels Mandela Day cookathonMandela’s quotes. The ideal way for OBC Chicken to play its part in the Mandela Day initiative was to link with the well-known charity Meals On Wheels. “We already have an ongoing relationship with Meals on Wheels as we source and supply food for them at cost and at times below cost by involving our suppliers, says Da Fonseca. “The Mandela Day Cook-Athon offered us the opportunity to get involved hands-on, be of service and meet the people who benefit from the charity chain to which we contribute.”

OBC Chicken, with its over 60 stores scattered throughout South Africa that serve a market of millions of consumers in townships, commuter areas and city centres,is instantly recognized by its bright yellow and red stores which sell fresh and frozen chicken products, meat, fish, processed meat, dairy products and selected groceries, and is affectionately referred to as “Ekhaya Lenkukhu”, the Home of Chicken.

Twenty five years ago, the founders of OBC Chicken had a vision to provide affordable protein conveniently to a market that needed it most through a store offering that was bright, fresh and innovative. By virtue of the market it services, OBC is permanently on the war path when it comes to keeping prices low. “We continually review our supply chain, source the best prices, keep packaging costs to a minimum and are constantly improving logistics” says Da Fonseca. “We have a great relationship with our suppliers and work in tandem to try and keep prices low and come up with specials that will benefit our shoppers.”

By virtue of the fact that the core of OBC Chicken’s business is in the everyday basic foods that forms the basis of people’s nutritional needs, OBC’s franchisees are acutely aware of the need to give back to the communities that support its brand. “As a group of owner-operator franchisees, we promote a very strong sense of social responsibility in all our stores, encouraging them to get involved with their communities and to also give back to those less fortunate. This prompted us to choose to assist Meals on Wheels who do such good work in feeding the elderly, children and the destitute.”

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