Proudly South African joins the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) for a Supply Chain Transformation Workshop

Proudly South African joins the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA)
for a Supply Chain Transformation Workshop.

The Franchise Association of South Africa is committed to assisting its members build more inclusive supply chains and is looking to the country’s buy local advocacy campaign group to identify companies that can contribute to this transformation as well as to increased levels of local procurement.

Proudly South African brings to the table a database of pre-qualified SMMEs whose products and services have been verified for local content, quality and capacity to work with the many different franchises that exist in SA. The Franchise Association of South Africa in turn brings to Proudly South African a diverse membership of around 160 accredited franchisors across all industry sectors with the potential to reach, through this benchmarking initiative, all 850 or so franchises, and offers a ready-made access to market opportunity for members who are keen to become suppliers.

The two organisations are hosting joint workshops in Johannesburg 21 September respectively to work with franchisees, franchisors and SMMEs in workshop and matchmaking sessions.

Said Eustace Mashimbye, CEO of Proudly South African, “We have been working with FASA for some time now and really appreciate the way in which they have embraced not only transformation but the whole concept of how their organisation can make a significant contribution to localisation. We are grateful for their contribution to our agenda, and hope that our members will rise to the occasion and grab as many opportunities to supply to FASA members as possible.”

According to Vera Velasis, Executive Director of FASA the association and its members have been very keen to transform their franchises and support local, black-owned suppliers. “Our challenge is to match credible black suppliers with franchisors so the lifeline offered by Proudly South African couldn’t come soon enough. Many franchisors such as Pick and Pay and Food Lover’s Market have for quite some time been leading local procurement, but a formal database has been lacking. The aim of partnering with Proudly South African is to introduce their database of pre-qualified SMMEs to FASA’s members and encourage all franchisors to look at meaningful supply chain transformation”.

Thanks to the hard-working group driving the project which is headed by FASA’s chairman and CEO of the OBC Group, Tony da Fonseca, Akhona Qengqe, Transformation Director of KFC and Eustace Mashimbye, CEO of Proudly South African, the first  supply chain workshops in Johannesburg will lay the foundations for a strong ‘buy South Africa’ transformation initiative.

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