We all scream for Ice Cream!

South Africa has seen its fair share of ice cream franchises, starting with Milky Lane drawing the crowds to its first store in Hillbrow in the seventies, to the plethora of frozen yoghurt franchises that were the craze a few years ago.  Sadly, South Africans, despite our glorious all-year round sunny weather, seem to be seasonal ice-cream consumers.  But that seems to be changing with a whole new take on ice-cream – elevating it to rival the super status of craft beer and specialist coffees.

An article in the latest Your Business magazine focuses on the revival of the ice-cream parlour and its premium offerings that give a ‘gourmet’ twist to flavours that now mix savoury and sweet to tempt the tastebuds.  With restaurants like BBQ Workshop and deli’s like Fournos now offering a wide selection of ice-cream flavours, specialist ice-cream shops like Paul’s in Hyde Park and Sally Williams in Nelson Mandela Square are wowing ice cream lovers.  In Cape Town, which caters to the ever-growing tourist market, ice-cream parlours – from the oldest, Venezia Ice Cream in Sea Point to the new kids on the block such as Don Gelato, Gelato Mania, The Creamery & Crumbs & Cream – all offer artisan ice creams.

Providing those wonderful crisp cones in which ice-cream is served is Hermes Cone & Snack Manufacturers, serving the market with their comprehensive range of ice-cream related products. Established in 1977, the company is passionate about their ice-cream related products, manufacturing a wide range including ice cream cones, flat-based cones, sugar cones, soft serve powder milk, fan wafers, sugar baskets, marshmallow cones, chocolate dips, various toppings and a selection of sweets and snacks.

“Taste, crispiness and visual appeal have made Hermes cones among the finest in the market,” says founder Costa Mavropoulos. “The taste and quality of a cone is very important because when a person eats a cone, it is the last thing they taste – if too sweet, it’ll compete with the ice cream; if too bland it leaves a ‘cardboard’ aftertaste in the mouth. We pay close attention to every detail in our products and even in the fast paced automated world of today, rely on personal attention to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.”

Hermes Cone & Snack Manufacturers
93 Rustenburg Rd,
Krugersdorp West,1739  Gauteng
Tel: (+2711) 953-3757
Web:  www.cones.co.za
E-mail:     dennis@cones.co.za
Manufacture & supply ice cream cones, sugar cones, toppings,  soft serve powder mix,
fan wafers, choc dips, marshmallow cones, sweets & snacks.

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