Sherina Sebnath, Sorbet Man Franchisee Caters to Metro Males

Sherina Sebnath, Sorbet Man Franchisee Caters to Metro Males

Sherina Sebnath has swapped working in a male dominated environment as a chemical engineer to owning the Sorbet Man franchise in Sandton City which caters to the needs of the modern metro male and finds common ground in both.

“In both my career as a chemical engineer at Sasol and in my business, the same business principles apply – understanding the needs of my customers and ensuring I deliver the best possible service.”

Originally from Ladysmith, Sherina was struck by the way her local Sorbet franchisee and staff spoke of the progressive way that the Sorbet brand was managed. “There seemed to be a meaningful and collaborative partnership between the franchisor, its franchisees and staff (who are called citizens at Sorbet) and their value system really appealed to me.  I approached Brenda Schneiderman, Franchise Manager at Sorbet and subsequently bought the Sorbet Man store in Sandton City.  I love the fresh, new male grooming concept of Sorbet Man which is built on the strong, progressive working relationship between Sorbet, its citizens and customers.”

According to Sorbet, their franchisees, all of whom are given a turn-key set up solution, are put at the centre of the brand’s focus and success, cultivating a sincere and supportive Franchisor/Franchisee relationship. “Our ‘critical-care’ approach allows for a relaxed and open rapport amongst our Sorbet family – just another way our Sorbet brand lives the ethos of feeling good.”

Sherina’s advice to people wanting to become a franchisee of some sort is this: “This is not a way to earn money part time or passively invest for a return. You need to believe in the business model, have a passion for the industry and really put in the effort to make this a success.”

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