Training funds and franchisee start up funds for members

Training funds and franchisee start up funds for members

Join FASA in their job creation and empowerment project – training funds and franchisee start up funds for members

In the face of increased unemployment to 28.2 percent, FASA’s recent franchise surveys, sponsored by Sanlam, shows that the franchise sector is playing its part with an increase in the total number of people employed in the industry from 343 319 to 369 573. This translates, on average, to each franchisee employing 18 staff members in the business including him/herself. There are, on average 12 full-time and 6 part-time employees – all of whom could benefit by learnership training that promotes learning through accredited theoretical training with practical exposure, whilst the learner adds value to the workplace, and learners are able to support themselves through a subsidised stipend.

Whilst franchising, by its very nature of duplication, has developed its own internal training methods for brands within the 17 different sectors, the Sanlam Franchise Survey has highlighted two of the main challenges franchisors and franchisees face as finding the right franchisees and staff with the necessary skills sets.


With Government committed to allocating large training and empowerment funds to be utilized for improving the plight of the majority of South Africans, FASA has embarked on getting professional qualification QCTO approved, developed and registered and has been working with the Services Seta in the development of qualifications for the franchising sector.

To this end FASA has joined forces with INANI as FASA’s representative and partner in a Job Creation & Empowerment Project, to identify FASA members to receive resources and funds that focus on adding value through impact growing the franchise population.

INANI’s innovative talent development and multiplying processes, is the progressive driver which results in providing proven staff with the correct skills sets, as well as providing the right entrepreneur with brand specific business experience. Both the training funding stream, as well as the franchisee start up funding stream is available. Scalability of the model is assured through INANI initial equity ownership with holding hands and providing support services to the entrepreneur, until final franchisor approval is received for entrepreneur to take over business as franchisee and able to grow customer base through consistent good service.
The objective of the partnership is to channel both funding streams into roll out of pilot stores with credible established brands supporting ownership of talented individuals ready to flow from INANI, assisting franchisors to build their brands and provide support to franchisees with earlier break even after operations start. For both For INANI, transforming the industry through business multiplication with job creation and talent retention, assisting with marketing businesses and its products and services is their long term goal.

If you are a FASA member and would like to learn more about tapping into this empowerment opportunity to grow your network using available government funding and assisting with job creation and training then contact Nico Botha at

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