Zanele Shazi of Sherpa Kids Follows Her Passion

Zanele Shazi of Sherpa Kids Follows Her Passion

With a philosophy of ‘taking good care of all that is entrusted to me’, Zanele Shazi, Sherpa Kids franchisee for the KwaZulu-Natal Highway area, does just that – taking care of children and giving them an enriching experience.

With a background in accounting and auditing, Zanele is well-educated in taking care of the business side of her franchise but what attracted her was the opportunity to make a difference and her great passion for education, health, sports and the well-being of women and children. “Whilst taking a business management programme at Unisa, franchising was one of the business types we covered as part of the course.  From that moment I was captured and told myself that if I ever went into business, it had to be a franchised business.

A profile of Genevieve Allen, master franchisor of Sherpa Kids caught her attention and after meeting with the team was impressed with their warmth and professionalism. “The support they gave me in setting up the business made going into business a pleasure and the on-going policies and procedures they have in place for us to follow means we always adhere to best practices and top standards.  This is so important because, as franchisees, we are accountable not only to our head office, but also to parents and school managements.”

Genevieve Allen, who, in the space of a year has doubled the Sherpa Kids education centres from ten to over twenty-two, believes in drawing from the communities they serve and attracting franchisees whose potential can be enhanced.  “Zanele Shazi is the perfect example of an entrepreneur who challenges herself, engages with the community, helping parents balance work and home.”

Sherpa Kids is a fast growing company with a genuine passion for delivering a quality structured safe service built on a solid business platform to provide a creative, engaging, fun-filled, safe and secure environment for the school community.

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