Kobus Engelbrecht, Marketing Heat, Sanlam Business Market has confirmed that it will once again sponsor the Franchise Association of South Africa’s Awards for Excellence in Franchising in 2018.  “The only way that we will grow the South African economy is if we start a lot more new businesses. Franchising is a proven method of assisting people, who have never owned a business, to enter the world of business. By assisting the franchise industry Sanlam is helping to grow our economy”.


The FASA Awards for Excellence in Franchising is the association’s annual platform to showcase the phenomenal success that is franchising in South Africa. The event offers member companies the opportunity to pit their company’s products, services and successes against other companies from diverse sectors. Entering the FASA Awards makes a strong statement that a company has arrived; is confident in its brand strength and operating procedures and is proud of its achievements.  For those who go on to win, the benefits are far-reaching – from uniting all those who represent the brand to getting peer, public and media recognition.


According to Vera Valasis, FASA’s Executive Director, “the franchise award winners were first announced in 1990 and it is quite unbelievable to realize that the prestigious annual franchise awards have been around for no less than 27 years. Many franchise companies who were past award winners have become household brands and in some cases international brands since winning an award.  Over the years the industry has lived through many ups and downs but irrespective of trying times, franchising appears to be a universally successful business model.  The current economic environment in South Africa is not conducive to achieving aggressive growth yet there are some franchisors and brands that have a very solid track record and typically these brands deserve to be recognized for their determination, resilience and hard work in getting it right.”


The award entry forms are accepted from accredited franchisors only and the adjudication process has been outsourced to ResearchIQ in collaboration with a panel of industry experts who also function as judges.  The entry forms have been changed dramatically over the years and today the entries are an easy online process that is straightforward and easy to navigate.


Margaret Constantaras of ResearchIQ says the award criteria have been structured in such a way that they embrace all levels of franchise companies – from the multi-million rand operation to the start-up ventures.  “The FASA Annual Awards for Excellence in Franchising continue to form the benchmark for excellence and highlight the brands that have achieved market recognition and peer acceptance.  The FASA Annual Awards have become the industry’s pinnacle and the vehicle through which we show the world how successful franchising can be.”


Over the years the FASA Awards for Excellence in Franchising have undergone changes in line with market changes and international trends.  A new category – that of Field Service Consultant of the Year – has been added to the already established categories of Franchisor of the Year, Franchisee of the Year, Franchisor – Leading Developer of Emerging Entrepreneurs, Newcomer Franchisor of the Year and Brand Builder of the Year.


With franchising’s success largely based on the inter-dependency of both franchisor and franchisee, the task of looking after a brand’s many franchisees rests with the Field Service Consultants (FSC’s).  The nature of franchising, with its checks and balances, calls for strict policing but the field service consultant has, over the past years, become more than that. They act as business managers and are often a lifeline for the franchisee out there in the field – helping them resolve problems and getting the very best out of them.


Concludes Vera Valasis, “times are really tough for business right now but how can we be remiss in not recognizing the star performers in the industry once again – many potential franchisees are really interested in learning more about franchise opportunities being offered by winning franchise companies as they feel comfortable in dealing with winners.”