FASA is a non-profit organization which represents the interests of franchisors, service providers and franchisees in South Africa. One of FASA's most important objectives is to promote ethical franchising - kindly refer to FASA's Code of Ethics - all franchisor and service provider members are required to sign the Code prior to becoming a member of FASA.

Should you wish to lodge a complaint regarding a franchisor (franchise company), please note the following:-
FASA accepts written complaints only in respect of member companies. If the company you wish to complain about is not a member of FASA, your complaint will unfortunately not be accepted. For a list of accredited member companies kindly click on this link

FASA is not a consumer body and therefore does not deal with matters related to end-users, customers or consumers of franchise brands and products.

Should you wish to lodge a complaint, kindly do so in writing only by clicking on the link below. The association does not manage complaints in-house so please DO NOT phone the association as telephonic enquiries and complaints cannot be accepted.

Click here to submit a complaint

As per FASA's Code of Ethics, member companies have seven working days within which to respond in writing to a complaint received from FASA.

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