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Franchisor Membership R 16,260.00
Preliminary Membership (for new and developing franchise companies) R 10,700.00
Franchisee (My Franchisor is accredited) R 570.00
Franchisee (My Franchisor is not accredited) R 912.00
Professional Service Provider Membership R 16,260.00
Individual Membership (Income below R10 000 pm) R 500.00
Product Supplier Membership R 16,260.00

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FASA Publications

How to Evaluate a Franchise

How to Evaluate a Franchise” is a companion-publication to “FASA’s Franchise Directory”. It is a step-by-step guide for those who have decided that they want to explore franchise opportunities further and need a guide on how to go about it. In addition to a host of useful information, this book contains a series of checklists that you can photocopy and use in your quest to find the franchise that’s right for you.

How to Franchise your Business

Aimed at entrepreneurs who have a business concept and would like to know how to go about franchising it, this book covers all the aspects of setting up a franchise – from how it is done internationally to how to set up a pilot operation, plan the roll-out to the legal and contractual implications.

The FASA Franchise Manual

Published on an annual basis, this publication lists all franchisors who have voluntarily joined FASA and made a commitment to ethical franchising.

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